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Quick Details


Railbike Only

Pedals to Paddle


6 miles roundtrip

5 miles by Railbike and 6 miles by Raft


All ages welcome

Anyone over 6 months of age


2 hours

Railbike for 1 hour and Raft for 2 hours

Double Railbike Sits 2
Quad Railbike Sits 4
Pedals to Paddles Only available on 9am and 1pm trips, Monday-Friday.


Revolution Rail is now offering 2 options for excursions out of the South Fork Station – a railbike only round-trip or a more adventurous Pedals to Paddles trip.


After checking-in at the South Fork Railroad Station, railbikers will receive a short safety briefing and the tour guides will lead the 6-mile out-and-back trip. Riders on the South Fork Run enjoy a gorgeous ride alongside the Rio Grande, featuring spectacular views of the surrounding terrain and vistas.

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PEDALS TO PADDLES! (only available on 9am and 1pm trips, Monday-Friday)

Feeling adventurous? We are now offering a railbike and rafting combo trip! Guides will lead guests on a 5-mile one way railbike trip that includes expansive vistas of the Rio Grande and Coller State Wildlife Area. Arriving at the rafting put-in, guests will join our partners Rocky Mountain Ski and Raft who will provide all equipment and safety instruction before beginning the 6-mile Rio Grande paddle excursion back to the Depot, for a perfect day in the San Luis Valley.


Railbiking and rafting this section of the Rio Grande is accessible for nearly all ages and ability levels and is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace.



  • There is a 300 lb weight limit per rider, per seat.
  • Infants and Children under 25 lbs may ride in your own supplied baby bjorn style harness.
  • Children above 25 lbs must have their own seat on the railbike and may use our 5-point harness to sit safely and comfortably during the ride.  These Children need a purchased seat on the trip.
  • Lap riding without a harness is not permitted.
  • View our cancellation policy.


  • Rafts are filled based on passenger size and weight. Every effort will be made to keep large groups together, but in the interest of safety, we may need to assign rafters to separate rafts.
  • All rafters, including children, are required to wear personal flotation devices, which will be provided during safety instruction.
  • This six-mile stretch of the Rio Grande is safe for all ages and does not include rapids or whitewater.
  • We recommend clothing made of quick-drying material, such as athletic shirts and shorts. Please do not wear flip flops or slip-on sandals, but footwear is required.
  • Rafters should not bring any items that would be damaged by water or could be lost on the river. The raft guides will have dry bags to store items, and the raft shuttle will be available to store electronics, dry clothes, and towels while rafters are on the river.
  • We recommend you bring bottles of water, sunscreen, a hat, and chapstick for the rafting portion of the day