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Double Railbike Seats 2
Quad Railbike Seats 4

Woodstown Central Railbiking

Railbiking is an exciting new way to explore the outdoors by pedaling on historic railroad tracks! Revolution Rail’s custom-designed two- and four-seat railbikes provide a quiet ride and a safe outdoor activity for all ages. Each of our locations offers a unique experience – check them all out!

This 6+ mile round trip starts in Historic Woodstown, NJ passing the original rail freight house from the late 1800s and the site where President Taft spoke in 1912. As you leave Woodstown, you will see a water tower that was built in 1879. As you go under the high bridge leaving Woodstown you enter Pilesgrove Township riding along bucolic farm fields and over the Oldmans Creek Bridge ending in Gloucester County.

How difficult is it?

Railbiking is accessible for nearly all ages and ability levels and is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace.


There is a 300 lbs weight limit per rider per seat.

There is no minimum age requirement.

  • Infants can ride with mom or dad in a front-mounted child carrier (like a Baby Bjorn).
  • Toddlers can ride in a front-mounted child carrier also, but if they can sit up on their own and hold their heads up, we have 5-point harnesses for them and they can ride along in their own seat.
  • Kids age 4 and up can ride in their own seats, using our seat belts.
  • Loose lap babies are not allowed.