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Quick Details

Double Railbike 1 Double Railbike seats 2 people | Select number of Railbikes needed
Quad Railbike 1 Quad Railbike seats 4 people | Select the number of Railbikes needed


This majestic 8 mile round trip between our Thurman depot in the shadow of Hickory Mountain  takes riders along the mighty Hudson as it widens and fills this Adirondack valley.  Entering Stony Creek, riders come into the vibrant 1000 Acre Ranch where they can view the Ranch’s grounds while our bikes are set for the scenic trip back to our depot.

How difficult is it?

Railbiking is accessible for nearly all ages and ability levels and is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace.


There is a 300 lbs weight limit per rider per seat.

There is no minimum age requirement.

  • Infants and Children under 25 lbs may ride in your own supplied baby bjorn style harness.
  • Toddlers can ride in a front-mounted child carrier also, but if they can sit up on their own and hold their heads up, we have 5-point harnesses for them and they can ride along in their own seat.
  • Kids age 4 and up can ride in their own seats, using our seat belts.
  • Loose lap babies are not allowed.